Interactive Greens – Outdoor Adventure Programs

Rappel down a rugged cliff
Dizzily follow the butterfly
Trek through lush green forests
Camp under a star-spangled sky
Crawl through a gloomy cave
Cross over a gushing river
Experience Fun and Learning
You will cherish forever!!

To Seize The Moment, Embrace Possibilities, And Take Charge

The great outdoors is a master tutor. It creates a learning environment that is not only cooperative and democratic, but far removed from the guarded and politically correct confines of a workplace. Adventure activities call for tasks that are beyond perceived physical, mental and emotional limits. It helps in developing capacities of mind, body and spirit making it one of the best platforms for self development and growth.

The Programs

We have several programs that embrace the philosophies of experiential learning. They key programs broadly focus on the following areas :

  Time Management
   Unleashing Creativity
   Heightening Emotional Intelligence
   Self-audit (strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, values)
   Self Confidence & Positive Attitude
   Enhancing Efficiency & Effectiveness
   Self – Motivation

   Empathy & Trust
   Personal Interactions in a Team
   Criticism Vs. Praise
   Conflict (management) Vs. Consensus
   Individual Goal Vs. Team Goal

  Identifying & Grooming emerging Leaders
   The concept of Situational Leadership
   Understanding Leadership Styles – Mapping others’ behaviour
   People Management
   Conflict Management
   Counselling Skills
   Decision Making

Driven by adventure, programs at Interactive Green help you enjoy the unalloyed pleasure of the grand outdoors and create a whole new and inspired self.

Our Activities

Stepping Stones
Rock Climbing
Night Treks


  Treasure Hunt
   Spider Web


   Burma Bridge
   White Water Rafting
   River Crossing

Interactive Skills

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