Are your language pithy and your words precise?
Do you indulge in active and not the passive voice?
Is your e-mail structured as well as your thought?
Do adverbs make you tense, do you shudder at pronouns?
Do you frown at commas and question the apostrophe?
With your subjects, does your verb disagree?

We offer several programs in the areas of language development. Our programs have some unique features,
Interactive – Our sessions are enlivened by discussions and games. We take it beyond being a staid classroom session
Exercises – Plenty of opportunities to implement the learning theories through practice exercises at regular intervals
Relevant to work – Using functional situations from the workplace ensures better understanding
Multi-level – We conduct a pre-training assessment on the basis of which participants are categorised into Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Level of training
Scientific – Curriculum designed using TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) principles


Action for Communication Effectiveness (Ace)

ACE, our key language program, aims to achieve communication effectiveness in conversational English. For this purpose, we divide our program into 3 phases :

This comprehensive assessment is conducted at three levels,
   Written Components – A test of English writing skills
   Individual/Group Interviews – A test of spoken English
   Self-assessment questionnaires

Broadly, the following topics are included in the training session.
   Communication Skills
   Vocabulary Enrichment
   Phonics/Pronunciation – Use of audio & video to teach voice culture
   Telephone Skills
   Written Communication
   Presentation Skills

Our focus in designing these training programs is not merely on teaching the language but also to use it in an appropriate manner as a powerful medium of communication.

   A detailed action plan
   Appraisal/assessment questionnaires by peers
   Trainer’s observational visits to the actual workplace
   Video recording to see obvious changes and improvement

We have specially trained faculty who can address,
   Neutralisation of (regional) accents
   Proper Pronunciation (using a dictionary) and Phonics
   UK and US accent training
   Word and Sentence stress
   Voice calls and video conferencing

Interactive Skills

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